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Mobile Locksmith | ADVANCED Lock & Key - Automotive Locksmith : Santa Ana, CA

Our mobile vehicle locksmith customers tend to want help in a hurry, and we work hard to beat the clock. Because we work 24 hours a day/seven days a week, our technicians are only a phone call away. If you're on the side of the road with a lockout, a broken key or a malfunctioning fob, call us. We will be there fast.

Customer Satisfaction

The best indication of customer satisfaction with our service is in their expression of satisfaction. Customers who return after their first experience with us do not hesitate to recommend us to family and friends. Our technicians want to earn your satisfaction with a high level of service, predicated by honesty and professionalism. We believe it's a winning formula and we hope you agree.

Affordable Solutions

Customer satisfaction starts with their first impression of us, and that has a lot to do with price. We want to provide you with roadside assistance and vehicle locksmith service at a price you can afford. Auto lock and emergency service should be within any driver's reach. Our prices are surprising when you consider that our technicians have years of experience and will assist you with any roadside emergency.

Unlocking Doors

If you can see the keys on the car's floor carpet but you're locked out, we can help. If you accidentally dropped your keys in a manhole and the car is locked up as tight as a drum, we can help. We are your experts for popping locks, opening trunks and releasing doors, and the technicians arrive quickly.